​ go2HR Winning Pitch and The Student Industry Rendezvous 

The month of January was filled with research, exciting ideas, discussion, and preparation for the 2018 Regional go2HR Winning Pitch! The BCIT Tourism Management program put forward two amazing teams to pitch their idea of a new service that will increase off-season visitation to the Vancouver Coast and Mountains Region.

The day had finally arrived where the two BCIT teams competed in the Go2Hr Winning Pitch competition on January 30th. With the given prompt, both groups put in a tremendous amount of effort into their pitches. Lots of hard work, sleepless nights, and dedication was put toward in making our presentations meet the challenges given and it can be proudly said that it all was worth it in the end.


BCIT Team 1 consisted of Kelsey, Daniella, Melissa, and Mandy, also known as Lakes and Land Cultural Adventures, and BCIT Team 2 consisted of Arthur, Anna, Victor, and Dorsa, also known as Rainbow Trails. Our two teams met bright and early at the Vancouver Convention Centre to meet the judges and prepare for their presentations.

We were soon joined by our ever-supportive classmates. Looking out into the crowd at them while presenting really calmed us down and assured our confidence. In attendance was also our amazing Coach, Morgan Westcott, program head David Tikkanen, and Associate Dean Harj Dhaliwal. Their support was also incredibly appreciated.

Lakes and Land Cultural Adventures was the first to present. Our idea was a two-day tour that fully immerses guests in the First Nations culture of the St’at’imc Community in Lillooet, BC. The guests will fly there and back by Harbour Air Seaplane. A member of the St’at’imc Community even made the journey down to watch our presentation!


Rainbow Trails was the last to present out of all six teams. The team had to patiently, and stressfully, wait almost two hours to finally share their incredible idea of an LGBTQ+ hiking tour in Hope, BC focused on overall wellness. One teammate, Arthur, completely blew everyone away as he owned the stage and captivated the audience during his speaking parts.


The rest of the day was filled with valuable networking with industry professionals. Students were able to speak to different companies who participated in the trade show. After, roundtable speed-networking took place where the students could choose what employers they wanted to have more in-depth conversations with.

Lakes and Land Cultural Adventures was announced winners of the Winning Pitch and will be travelling to the provincial round at the Tourism Industry Conference in Kelowna in March.

This whole experience has really helped us understand the tourism industry more and has given us a greater appreciation for tourism. Again we would like to give a big thank you to those on the sideline cheering both teams on, our classmates, Program Head David Tikkanen, and an extra special thank you to our coach Morgan Westcott for all her guidance and support with all our endeavours.

For those going into the tourism program, this will definitely be one of the highlight of your time here and we highly recommend trying out for the presenting team.

Thank you all for reading,

Kelsey Acres and Mandy McArthur



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